Katelijne Street Bruges









dynamic LED traffic sign (10 mm) | e-ink lower sign


LED and E-ink in 1 dynamic traffic sign

Straat met gebouwen en een dynamisch verkeersbord waarop de pijl naar rechts gaat

At the gateway of the historic city centre in Bruges, a dynamic traffic sign points out the traffic rules to you. The traffic sign is made up of a unique combination:

Get rid of ambiguity in traffic! A dynamic sign allows City of Bruges to avoid a lot of text and unnecessary road signs. The city thus informs residents and tourists in a unified manner.

The dynamic traffic sign can now keep out or just allow certain road users in the busy city centre, depending on the situation of the moment. Flexible and efficient!

Legally valid traffic sign

The top-mounted dynamid LED display is constructed in accordance with EN12966 and features the ability to image road signs with a minimum diameter of 60 cm. As a result, it meets the requirements of a legally valid traffic sign.

The advantage over a static road sign is that you can adjust it at any time or set the message based on times and emergencies.

At Q-lite, we engage with the customer and look at the specific traffic situation. This allows us to offer the right tailor-made solution.

Close-up van het verkeersbord met LED en e-ink techniek

Durable E-ink

Q-lite is fully committed to developing sustainable display technologies, including E-ink. This highly energy-efficient display technology is ideally suited for autonomous and mobile display systems.

The big advantage of E-ink is its low energy consumption. It takes the display no energy to show an image; only to change an image. This makes it the ideal technique to apply in a fixed traffic sign, as in this case.

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