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Q-lite V-sign

A lot of facade advertising  which is available on the market today, no longer meets current advertising needs. Restaurant Ter SneeuwPolder in Oud-Turnhout also noticed this.

That is why they chose a
(r)evolutionary LED solution: the brand new Q-lite V-sign.

Thanks to the unusual styling of this next-generation display, it immediately catches the eye of passers-by. In addition, the angle, at which the LED panels were mounted, ensures that your message is more visible.

Kristin and Filip, the owners of the restaurant, are very excited about the final result and invited us to portray this clever piece of technology.

Meet the Q-lite Signs

Does this new generation of LED screens seem like something for you? Discover the innovative range of facade displays in 3 different versions or let our experts help you make the right choice.

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