ROC Hilversum & ROC Lelystad

  • Indoor LED scherm ROC Hilversum
  • Indoor LED scherm ROC Hilversum
  • Indoor LED scherm ROC Lelystad
  • Indoor LED scherm ROC Lelystad

Smarter communication

These indoor LED screens replace the initial videowalls, which were made out of several monitors. Upon request of ROC Hilversum, an extra small pixelpitch has been deliverd to guarantee a razorsharp image quality. This choice was not made at random, but because this ROC also offers graphics courses. Thus, the quality of the screen exactly matches the ultimate target audience!

These two indoor LED displays have been equipped with a special processor, which enables the user to shift the input of content. This means that one can choose to use the standard narrowcasating player, or additional forms of content, such as visuals for presentations or video content.

By order of Limid Zwolle, two Indoor LED displays have been installed at ROC Hilversum and ROC Lelystad. These screens will be used to communicate the latest news and planned events directly towards students.

Client Limid Zwolle
Delivery November 2021
Software Indoor LED 1.86 en 2.55 mm pixelpitch

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