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The City of Antwerp temporarily rents a Q-LED TV to inform passers-by at the Stadsschouwburg. The 131-inch LED screen on the Theaterplein displays, among other things, dynamic city communications, regulations, and the current COVID-19 measures.


The client, the City of Antwerp, deliberately chose to hire our vandal-proof Q-LED TV. The large display on the busy Theaterplein is equipped with a heavy base and a solid glass plate to protect it against vandalism. The LED screen is set up on a high totem, making sure the messages played are clearly visible across the entire square.

Collaboration City of Antwerp

We are proud of the pleasant cooperation with the City of Antwerp. In addition to this project, the city called on Q-lite for, among other things, the general parking guidance system, outdoor information displays throughout the city, indoor LED and LCD screens for Arenberg, the bicycle counting display at the Kaaien, and outdoor displays for the three new P+Rs on the city outskirts.

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