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The shopping center in Tilburg recently underwent a major digital transformation, in which Q-lite played a leading role. In the Emmapassage, Frederikstraat and Heuvelstraat Q-lite installed a number of leading products in cooperation with blowUP media. These digital screens provide eye-catching (3D) content and optical illusions that consumers can no longer ignore.

These digital displays in Tilburg are part of The Collective®, the digital Out of Home network of blowUP media in the largest cities in the Netherlands.

Thee Emmapassage: unique in the Netherlands

The eye-catcher in the Emmapassage is a 90 degree LED screen of 66 square metres. The unique shape of the digital screen allows visitors to walk 7 meters below the screen. This ensures a unique experience.

The outdoor display also offers options for special 3D content and optical illusions.

The Arcade: infinite creativity

In the Frederikstraat, 4 screens are placed opposite each other in the showcases. As a result, visitors literally walk between the LED screens. This walk-through experience offers advertisers endless possibilities.

Does the company want to use one individual digital screen or do they want all the screens combined as one, 32m2? Everything is possible to display the desired publicity.

The Heuvelstraat: a look around the corner

At the most central location in the shopping center, you will come across a striking LED corner screen of no less than 13.5 m2 in the Heuvelstraat2.

By opting for a digital corner screen, passers-by in both Heuvelstraat and Pieter Vreedestraat can be reached with eye-catching content and digital advertisements.

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