Harmoniepark Antwerpen







City communication in green surroundings

At the entrance of the ‘Harmoniepark’ in Antwerp city centre, a double-sided LCD screen in flag formation has been in place since the end of 2021.

Passers-by entering or leaving the park at the Mechelsesteenweg can read dynamic city communication on the display. The screen is specifically used to inform residents and visitors about the latest Covid-19 measures, ongoing or planned activities and neighbourhood or district news.

For all weather conditions

The outdoor LCD screens have a luminosity of 4000 cd/m². The extra-high brightness of the display ensures that the dynamic content is clearly readable at all times. Both in full sunlight and the dark evening hours, the message can be seen clearly

Q-lite as a partner

The client, the city of Antwerp, consciously chose to work with Q-lite. he structural design of our LCD screens with casing blends in nicely with the existing city furniture. In some city districts, such as Ekeren, the choice was made for the LED version of the screens. With the 10-year service contract included, Q-lite provides the city with a complete worry-free solution.

Collaboration City of Antwerp

We are proud of the pleasant cooperation with the City of Antwerp. In addition to this project, the city called on Q-lite for, among other things, the general parking guidance system, outdoor information displays throughout the city, indoor LED and LCD screens for Arenberg, the bicycle counting display at the Kaaien, and outdoor displays for the three new P+Rs on the city outskirts.

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