Swimming pool Mol




Vita Den Uyt





1x multifunction indoor LED display pixel pitch 3.75 mm


A display that can take a splash

Den Uyt swimming pool in Mol is ready for the new year! The small screen at the inside pool is replaced by a brand new one, an LED display 4 times it’s size!

Fine pixel pitch and high-resolution

Thanks to the very fine pixel pitch of 3.75 mm, the LED display boasts a pinpoint resolution of 1024×576 pixels (WxH) as well as a perfect 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Unique in the world of swimming pools!


This indoor LED display is not only used to display time or logo’s. The multifunctional LED wall is also used as a scoreboard during swimming competitions Thanks to the additional video processor, it is even possible to show visitors live television images, such as the graceful swimming skills during the next Olympic Games.

ViewAll: the scoreboard software

Thanks to the user-friendly ViewAll sports software, you control all your displays from one device. Set scores, show videos or images and live camera footage. Peak timekeeping for your competition? Even that’s possible!

Can take a splash

Naturally an indoor space with a swimming pool has higher humidity levels. To protect the display from water, moisture, as well as chlorine, the LED TV was coated with a special nano-coating.

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