Market: Sport

VV Moerse Boys

Digital scoreboard for VV Moerse Boys Football club VV Moerse Boys from Zundert opts for the optimal experience on and off the pitch. The

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Sportcomplex Amerena

Multifunctional scoring and narrowcasting system Technique and (top) sport come together in the brand new Amerena sports complex. Athletes can train and play matches

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S.V. Kampong

S.V. Kampong scores with full color scoreboard S.V. Kampong is one of the oldest and largest football club in the Netherlands. The Utrecht amateur

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Netherlands Sporty

Vorige Volgende Stichting Nederland Sportief is launching a network of digital shelters at sports clubs. More about this initiative on the MarketingTribune website.

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Community of wageningen

Q-lite was asked to contribute to the most sustainable sports club in the Netherlands. Commissioned by the Municipality of Wageningen and KV Wageningen, we installed

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Sports Center Tijenraan

Vorige Volgende In the sustainable sports center Tijenraan in Raalte, sport, movement, meeting, education and care are central. Such a contemporary, sleek and innovative sports

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